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Love N Grace

MISSION STATEMENT:  Biblically based healing ministry for adults and children suffering from adverse experiences.

Love N Grace is a place for adults and children to heal from life’s hurts. Teaching how to overcome life’s hurts with scripture, prayer and Jesus Christ. Love N Grace Healing Centers’ encouragers will walk alongside clients while they heal and will encourage them to use the tools they are taught to help others.

Many of our clients have received care from a doctor, counselor, teacher, friend, and even a church. So, why do they still hurt? Kingdom Homestead believes they need inner healing, and that is what we offer: A mind-shift from a hurting past to a hope that is found in the truth of who they were created to be. This allows them to move from depression to purpose because of the new hope they have found in the truth. Clients meet with a team of encouragers and partners who listen to their story. This team specializes in listening for trauma in the client’s life, and together, they identify the emotions that go along with the trauma and the lies the individual believes because of it. Then the client is taught a simple process of how to really let go and let God. Through reading of scripture and learning how to apply it to their lives we help them find answers to tough questions about this world and about God. The team stands in awe of the work God does in people’s lives as they discover themselves, joy, hope, and Jesus.

The impact of the Love N Grace Healing Centers is evidence-based. Results are tracked using:

  • BDI – Becks Depression Inventory
  • CEF – Client Evaluation Form

Love N Grace Healing Ministry has been problem solving for the past
eight years. Care extends to adults and children hurting deep inside
and unable to find healing from:

• Fear • Abuse • Depression • Anxiety • Mental Shut Down
• At-Risk Factors • Loneliness • Trauma • Loss • Nightmares
• Guilt • Shame • Suicidal Tendancies • The inabilty to stop
doing things they’ve been told are not good for them
• Psychotherapy with no signs of improvement
• Confusion about faith, God, and why?

Care for the whole person deep down in their soul where the bad
memories torment the person. Each approach is Christ-centered.
After the initial assessment the client may be offered:

• Freedom in Christ • Theophostic Prayer Ministry
• Listening Prayer • Trauma care: SRA, DID, PTSD
• Long term care for traumatically abused
• Sessions which may include art, music, journaling, and
equine care combined with God’s word, character, and truth

Who do we care for and what is the cost?

Adults and children age five and up. Clients can call to make their
own appointment, or can be referred through their principle care
physician, one of our community partners, or their church.
There is zero cost to the client, it is paid forward by the community.
There is no barrier to getting care. Insurance is never billed or
involved so clients can get the full benefit of their PCP and
behavioral health providers.

Love N Grace Healing Ministry teaches individuals:

  1. What forgiveness is.
  2. To give the lies, hurt feeling, and self-harming actions that are attached to each hurt to God. Then to give Jesus the pain.
  3. Build their identity to match who God says they are.
  4. To give them a tool belt of scripture and prayers to stand upon with the knowledge of how and why.
  5. To help them connect with a church or discipleship community.

Yes, we pray with them but we take them through, while teaching
them, a process to continue to heal.

Caring for the hurting by helping them heal from life’s hurts with God’s Truth.

Qualitative Outcomes:

89% success rate for those completing the process!

Over 130 sessions are scheduled every month within our various sites.

Each individual’s symptoms have been tracked using a Target Symptom Master Tracking Form.  The ACEs Ten Question Survey and Beck’s Depression Inventory is used to track clients incoming condition and healing as they go through and complete the process.

Our Centers are located at:

In Muskegon:
 * Alive On The Lakeshore Ministry Center – Main Office
 * Hackley Community Care Centers on Baker St and Leahy St.
 * Men’s Rescue Mission
 * Women’s Rescue Mission

In Fremont:
 * Transitional Living Center
 * Dayton Center Wesleyan Church

Questions and Answers

Yes, Love N Grace Healing Centers is a faith-based program.

Our Mission – To care for the whole person, as we partner with existing organizations, focusing on the unique needs of the Spirit and Soul, which effects the health of the Body.

How – Help identify the core issues and lovingly empower clients to find their Identity and Purpose through God’s Truth: giving them Hope.

Our Goal – To be a major contributor to the improved health of Muskegon, one individual at a time.

No, as we are a non-profit ministry program and do not diagnose. We encourage clients to continue their counseling and use our services together to better care for their whole selves. The team has a few paid Encouragers and a small administration team; the rest are volunteers. This program is funded through philanthropy.

Donors: Private, Corporations, Foundations, Churches, PEO, Clubs, Ottawa Area Gifted Affiliate Program Federal and State Grants

Events: Annual banquet, art classes, speaking engagements, equine events, and fundraisers like the Unity Christian Music Festival

Day Camps: For students from area schools ranging from kindergarten to 9th grade.

Long Term Goal: To obtain land and a homestead office on 25+ acres. The intent would be to house like ministries caring for the whole person with the heart for country style simplicity. Fine Arts and Equine (farm animal) care would be part of the healing programs.