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November 28, 2022

There is so much going on in your mind everyday, you need the KING!

For many life has been too busy, full of the unknown, riddled with fear, confusing, and emotionally overwhelming. Many people Love N Grace meet with ask, “Where is God?” 

 When you find the center of your soul wrapped around the “King of Heaven and Earth” you can get through each day with hope and joy.

Recently, my daughter and I visited the National Shrine Of Little Flower Basilica. We may not practice the Catholic denomination but I wanted my daughter to gain better understanding of God and why we believe in the Trinity.

Wow! So much history and symbolism. Prayer can be seen in may rooms and corners of the church. you can feel the prayers of the Saints that have been there before you.

As we walked into the sanctuary after some beautiful prayer time together, the man ahead of us kneeled down on on knee.

He Kneeled to Our King

Oh my goodness my heart and thoughts raced.

My daughter loves to read history and knows a lot about the kings and their wives. She wishes to have lived in times gone by.

Then, a God moment happened, Jesus IS our King, as my hand found it’s way to my chest, he is my King! He is with me here in my soul through His Holy Spirit.

Love overwhelmed me.

I couldn’t wait to share with my daughter. I fought tears of JOY for a few minutes. Then said: “look at that man – what is he doing?”

“He’s bowing,” she says. I could hardly contain myself. “Yes, to our KING.” My daughter loved the new take on her living God.

Action Options:

As you prepare for the holidays and struggle with people, thoughts, or even God, here are some ideas to help you look to our KING:

  1. Find a place to set and empty cross, picture, or just the name of Jesus. Honor God, the One that loves you so much that He sent His only son to pay for your sins, so that you will live in His Kingdome with Him forever.
  2. Make a cross with 2 branches and tie them together with a gold ribbon. Hang it on the wall or right in the s\center of your tree. If you feel lead, bow to King Jesus when the cross catches your eye.
  3. Place a candle in a beautiful holder. Set it next to your Bible. When you have time to pause for 5 minutes light the candle and as you watch it flicker, than God for sending His son to be a light to a dark woprld. Thank God for 3 things that brought you joy today.
  4. If you find any of this too hard, our encouragers from Love N Grace Healing Centers would like to listen, lead, and pray with you, please give us a call.

Transforming the spirit and soul is what Love N Grace’s teams of encouragers love to help with. Remember, clients never pay for private sessions.

Call (231) 767-3403 to schedule a session of care.