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About Love N Grace Healing Centers

Our work began in Muskegon, Michigan in 2007.  Our name was different and we were under the direction of others outside of the Muskegon area.  In November of 2018, Love N Grace Healing Centers was formed and became an independent 501(c)3.  Now, it is 100% a Muskegon public charity.  The needs of Muskegon residents have led the team and board to continually educate themselves on how to heal the broken and the hurting people in our community.

Based on the previous successful program, Love N Grace Healing Centers is a modified and enhanced Christ-centered program that also offers a special version of this program for school youth called Empowered Kids.

Love N’ Grace Healing Centers — A place for adults and children to heal from life’s hurts. Teaching how to overcome life’s hurts with scripture, prayer and Jesus Christ. Love N Grace Healing Centers’ encouragers will walk alongside clients while they heal and will encourage them to use the tools they are taught to help others. Many of our clients have received care from a doctor, counselor, teacher, friend, and even a church. So, why do they still hurt? Kingdom Homestead believes they need inner healing, and that is what we offer: A mind-shift from a hurting past to a hope that is found in the truth of who they were created to be. This allows them to move from depression to purpose because of the new hope they have found in the truth. Clients meet with a team of encouragers and partners who listen to their story. This team specializes in listening for trauma in the client’s life, and together, they identify the emotions that go along with the trauma and the lies the individual believes because of it. Then the client is taught a simple process of how to really let go and let God. Through reading of scripture and learning how to apply it to their lives we help them find answers to tough questions about this world and about God. The team stands in awe of the work God does in people’s lives as they discover themselves, joy, hope, and Jesus.

Empowered Kids — Caring for the whole child. Helping students in the schools be better learners by teaching them about their identity, purpose, truth and hope so they can soar above life’s issues and be all they were created to be. Teaching children resilience to overcome their A.C.E.s. Many of the tools used in Love N Grace program have been rewritten to meet the needs of school-age children through the Empowered Kids program. We are restricted from bringing scripture and prayer into school settings, but we can present great values and tools, called Positive Modification Skills, that students can use to become better learners.