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It is the passion of our board that everyone receives care, which is why we have scholarships available. In 2023 more than $200,000 in scholarships were given to adults and children to overcome life’s hurts.  How can that be? It’s because of donors “paying it forward” for them.  Most donors are individuals giving monthly or one time.  Locally, we also have business’, churches, grants and foundations giving as well.  The clients appreciate every scholarship dollar paid for their care.  The cost of care ranges from $125 per hour or $1,300 per student for a school year.  

The actual cost for care depends on  the type of session you choose:

  • Private
  • Group
  • Seminars
  • Art Classes
  • EAP (Employee Assisted Programs)
  • Schools

Clients say over and over, thank you to those that gave. If it wasn’t free they’d have no way to access the healing they so desperately needed.

  • “I’ve spent everything trying every doctor and new fad”
  • “I have nothing left”
  • “Life’s been horrible to me. I can’t even work”
  • “I have nightmares and can’t sleep. I keep getting let go from my job”
  • “I am so depressed, I can’t leave the house”
  • “Yes, I use drugs. It’s the only way I survived. I use them to stop the pain”
  • “This is my last try for help. I’ve already attempted suicide a few times and plan to if this doesn’t work”
  • “I had a breakdown. Overdosed on prescription drugs. Was Fired. Lost my kids. Destroyed my house. I have nothing to donate.”

Our programs are designed to meet people where they are. It is established on time tested biblical principles to restore adults and children. You do not have to be a Christian to receive care, just a willingness to be healed. Our  program has an 80% success rate for those that complete it. When partnered with their primary care or existing counseling clients report they, “found the healing I’ve been searching for”. Even 80% of the students report that they are happier. 100% say they “feel loved and safe”.

For over 14 years this ministry has grown from 1 encourager to a team of over 15!  Why? Because the clients keep telling their friends and acquaintances they need to go through the program, “It will change your life.”

If you would like to schedule an appointment, call us at (231) 767-3403.